Friday, February 27, 2009

For the Love of Fridays

Today I'm loving....



and Baby Bellies.


Little girls who can't pout in front of the camera...


And little girls who can...


And little boys who laugh at them both.


And I'm loving my newest obsession...



I have a bit of a smell obsession. I have a super sniffer. My eyes are bad. I fear my hearing is going. But my nose is super-human. It is a curse, and a heavy burden to bear. Strong smells give me instant headaches (Men in Wal-Mart wearing "axe" should be forced to watch "Beaches" on an endless loop as punishment). Really strong smells give me migraines, sometimes for days. Good times people, good times.

Because of my affliction I can rarely wear perfume. I'd like to, but I can't even go to the perfume counter to try and smell which ones I'd like. Any more than three smells and I get a headache (same with smelling scented candles. I get to smell three that's it. I'm big fun at scentsy parties). And heaven forbid I accidentally put one on that is too strong out of the bottle. I'm in pain for days.

Enter Happy Housewife Soaps and Sundries stage left.

On a whim, and after much research and debate (I guess the research and debate makes it less of a whim, but it was still out of character for me), I ordered a Cupcake Sampler because who can resist something with the word Cupcake in it? Certainly not me.

After an eternity (really it was two weeks, but I'm not good at patiently waiting, it felt like an eternity) it finally came in the mail. I had so much fun with it. I couldn't smell them all in one sitting, so instead I wore one sample a day. Each day was a surprise. Some were, quite frankly, horrid on me. Perfumes react differently on people and "Dirty Jack" hated me. Some were fine but not really me. All were fun.

Until I tried Vacuuming in Pearls.

This was it!

This was the smell I wanted to smell like every single day for the rest of my life.

It was fresh, and peachy, and slightly floral after the "dry down."

Who knew I wanted to smell like a peach? Not me!

I had to order a bottle.

And another cupcake sampler.

This time I ordered on a Friday and it was in my mailbox on Tuesday.

And it is just as fun the second time around. I'm driving the kids crazy chasing them around trying to make them smell my arm. Bird likes to try them on too. Sweet Pea liked "Purl" so much she licked my wrist. Some smell good, some smell less good, some-smell-like-eighty-year-old-lady perfume. I think I'm gonna have to cheat on Vacuuming in Pearls and buy a bottle of Yuan Fen.

For special occasions.

And Tuesdays.

What are you loving?


lynda said...

I'm loving the fact that you thought something called "Dirty Jack" would smell good :o)

Corrina said...

I got some cupcakes too! I *love* Good Morning - I smell like a Florida orange. And I'm the same way about other scents as well. My 9yo son wants some Bod spray. Um, no!

Stephanie said...

I need scents too. Something to wear to make feel like I smell pretty!!

I on the other hand, have super human hearing I think! High pitched sounds on what dogs can hear...give me headaches too. I can walk down the stairs and before going into a bedroom, hear the high pitched squeel a tv leaves, and know one of my delights forgot to turn theirs off!

Anyways, love reading your posts! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing Dirty Jack now! And love Vacuuming in Pearls. And Good Morning. and Wednesday Market. and Farm Girl, but not quite as much