Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thinking, and Not Thinking

Things I ponder:

Why is it the child that was a screaming whining mess who had me counting the seconds until bedtime at 6:00 morphs into the perfect cuddly fun child at 7:30? Their charms become irresistible, compelling me to want to spend time with them reveling in their new attitude of giggles and sharing. This often delays bedtime.

What is that black piece of plastic on the floor in the corner of my bathroom? It scares me every time I go in there, mistaking it for some sort of long black beetle night after night. And why haven't I just picked it up and thrown it away already?

Should I get bangs?

How does the baby manage to pee on the carpet EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I change her diaper? She crawls away as soon as I take her diaper off and PEES the second I go to pick her up. I'd change her on the bed instead of the floor, but then she'd PEE.ON.THE.BED. Why is her bladder never empty?

Seriously, should I get bangs? Long side swept bangs?

It's riveting inside my head isn't it?

On the knitting front my yarn balls look like this


(I always type just the word balls, but that makes me giggle, so I have to qualify it as yarn balls.)

(and it still makes me giggle)

Notice the ball on the right is now just a strand of yarn.

My sleeve looks like this.


But that is alright, because it is my second sleeve.


There might be hope for my sweater after all.

(I'm willfully choosing to ignore the fact that I'm knitting this sweater with 0 ease.)

(and does this sleeve cap look ridiculously narrow to anyone else?)


(but I'm going to trust the pattern, I'm sure it will be fine)

(and I'm not loving this pooling)


(but it's on the seam which will be my inner arm where no one will see it right?)

(I'm sure the sweater will be fine)

(Did you know I live in Egypt?)

(With a lovely view of the river?)


Lynda said...

This whole post had me chuckling. You always crack me up :o)

I think you should call this your tiger sweater - that's what I think of every time I see it. The least you can do is let me name it, since you didn't pick my color combo (it's VERY nice, BTW).

And, I say yes to longish bangs.

PS- you really need to get on Facebook with me, because I'm quite sure your daily "Neglecting is..." comments would be a bright spot in my day ;o)

LilKnitter said...

Ooh, long side swept bangs would be to die! You should do it and post adorable pics of yourself. :)

The sweater will be fine because you always find a way to make them work out. I anticipate awesomeness.

Bezzie said...

But it will be on your underarms...and one only raises their hands if their sure right?

Sommer said...

What?....Egypt? Maybe I should come visit some time! And surre, try the bangs, if you hate them they will soon disappear.

shiguy4076 said...

I say go for bangs if they make you happy...I love the sweater.