Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know you're all anxiously awaiting updates. So here's a few.

The plastic thing in the bathroom....


I picked it up. After careful scrutiny I actually figured out what it is. It might be important to keep. Who would have guessed?

It is now safe to go pee in my bathroom.

The white shawl....


Still soaking in a bowl of water.

I know.

Sometimes I suck.



Not yet.

Still contemplating.

Cause the world as we know it will end if I get a bad haircut.

My balls.....


look like this.

(see it does make you giggle)

And the "Tiger Sweater"....


Looks like this.

Patiently waiting its turn in the blocking bowl.

You know how it goes with me.

All the fun knitting is done, so now it will lay for weeks in an untidy pile with loose yarn ends everywhere.


Sometimes I really suck.

And the baby....


she's just fine.


shiguy4076 said...

You are so beautiful. I love your balls :) I totally didn't see the plastic thing on the floor and I looked real hard.

LilKnitter said...

It's a good thing babies heal so quickly. Peanut fell off the bed today (totally my fault, too). I'm glad we have carpet.

I'm awaiting blocking photos! :)

Lynda said...

Glad it's safe to go back into the bathroom - I knew you had the balls for it (giggle...aren't we all so grown up ;o)

Poor baby! It seems to happen to them all at least once... and don't ya just love taking them out in public looking like that?

Ok - get back to business, get some bangs cut, finish the Tiger Sweater, and block that shawl!! (come on.. that's not too much to ask, is it?)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the shawl and the sweater. Especially the sweater, since it's now you're fault that I'm thinking of making one of these, too.

Btw, I think you'd look great with bangs.

Bezzie said...

Yeah Chunky walked around with head/face bruises when he was about the same age. I lived in fear that someone would think we beat him. OUr only crime was giving birth to a big-headed wobbly boy with a penchant for losing his balance around the coffee table!

I'm loving that sweater. But I think it's more a dos leches color.

Stephanie said...

What happened?!?!? You look great! Never saw your hair that long before!!! I'd love to chat sometime. ttyl