Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Down to Business

Way to motivate me guys. I simply could not show my face on this blog until I


Blocked my shawl


and started soaking my sweater.

So hooray for you!

Where would I be without you?

While I wait for things to get properly wet, and for other things to dry, I've been keeping my hands busy whipping up a simple little sock.

Let me show you the start of my Cut and Paste Socks.


Ok, I openly admit it. They're not so simple. All those tiny twisted knit stitches.

It's not the cabling that gets me.

It's all those twisted knit stitches.

I nearly cried when I got to row ten and realized I had crossed a stitch in the wrong direction on row five. I put the sock down. I surfed the Internet instead of knitting, trying to pretend that I could live with one mis-crossed cable. After all, I told myself, these socks aren't for me. They're for a non-knitting friend who might never notice a mis-crossed cable. But the cable nagged at my brain. As much as I tried to pretend it wasn't there, it was. And I knew it. It could not be allowed to remain. I frogged six rows and the act of picking up all those twisted stitches nearly killed me. I was tempted to burn the entire sock, beloved harmony needles and all, and pretend the whole affair never happened. But I persevered. You are looking at 46 rows of the cable chart. They're pretty aren't they?

One might wonder why I was so motivated to push through the sock. I usually abandon a project when it tempts me to turn pyro.

I'm going to level with you. I am in training.

Once upon a time my dear friend Katrina (Hi Katrina, love you, update your blog!) gave me some Wollmeise!


I know!

This stuff is the sock yarn of the Gods!

All the hype is totally justified.

I love this stuff.

And everyone who loves me should send me some *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

But it was not just Wollmeise that she sent.

She sent me the pattern for La Digitessa

Go ahead, take the time to click the link. It is totally worth it.

I know!

Once upon a time I cast on for these socks.


But they required entirely too much brain power.

I will have to work up to these socks.

I think the cut and paste socks are excellent training.

And Big Booty Knits (Hi Shi, love you, update your blog!)

*stage whisper* you can't see the plastic piece because I picked it up.

But I created these re-enactment photos just for you.




The end.


Bilary said...

Okay, you are cracking me up. The ball thing totally made me giggle. :)

But can I just say that YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!!! Holy cow, I can't believe all the things you can make. They are beautiful!

lynda said...

As always, cracking up here. And, you didn't even have to say "balls."

The shawl is gorgeous!, and I can't wait to see the Tiger Sweater in action :o)

Bezzie said...

ha ha! At first glimpse I thought it was a turdlet!

AngelKnits said...

AH-mazing. I stalk you because you are simply Phenomenal. Your talent is beyond words.

Heidi said...

You're just weird and funny and I simply adore you. :)

shiguy4076 said...

roflmao....That was so funny. So funny. It's be scared of what a black piece of plastic was too. Because between kids and pets you never know.

I love you shawl. It took my breath away when I saw it.
Love and miss ya