Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Fun Fact about me: I have half a tonsil.

Most people have two.

Or none.

I have half of one.

That's it.

Half a tonsil hanging around.

Just one of the ways in which I am a medical oddity. (Believe it or not, there are more)

I started out with two. But I had them both taken out when I was fifteen. Tonsils gone. Never to torture me again. But I guess one decided it wasn't going down that easy. Half of it grew back.

And that half is currently swollen and trying to strangle me.

I'm using the only defense I have against a big swollen lump in my throat.

I'm trying to swallow it.

It's not working.

I'm sick.

Meaty brought this coughing, sore-throat, runny nose crud home from school last week, but it is just now hitting Bird and I. We plan on spending the day drinking lots of herbal tea.


Aren't my mug sweaters cute? I knit them about this time last year and I simply love them. Made from left-over Malabrigo they are all good things hand-knits should be: soft, cushy, pretty, fun to wrap your hands around when you drink. I *heart* my sweater mugs. (Patterns found here and here )

In knitting news, my sweater progresses slowly. I knit the back to here


Two short rows to the bind off. And discovered I had dropped a stitch down here


Because it was an end stitch and I had no idea how to fix it I just frogged it all down to here


Then I re-knit and my back looks like this


(I know its the same picture I keep showing, but now you have an almost unobstructed view of the knit without the arrows. Never mind the distractingly cute arm)

Instead of moving on to the front pieces as stated in the pattern, I've started a sleeve.


(quit being distracted by the cuteness of my "helper", focus on the knit)

My theory is if I have enough yarn to knit the back and a sleeve from the first two balls of yarn then I should have enough yarn to knit the two front pieces and the second sleeve with the last two balls of yarn. We'll have to see how that pans out.

And tarheel, I think I owe you an apology. Your profile is hidden so this is the only way I can think of to contact you. Please let me assure you I wrote my blog post before I saw your comment and that line was not directed at you. I was trying to be funny and I obviously missed the mark. In hindsight it came off more big ungrateful brat than funny and I apologise. Knitters who know me in real life know I love trading yarn, any yarn, new yarn, left over balls, crinkly frogged yarn. Yarn is yarn. I love all yarn. (I might be part yarn gnome). When I saw your offer I was excited and once again struck by how kind knitter are. I thought I would take you up on the offer if I need to. It was generous of you to offer and I am sorry if in my mis-guided attempt to be funny I offended.


Bezzie said...

That little arm freaked me out at first glimps because it's at the armhole--but not facing the way an arm should out an armhole!

You are so fast! How do you do it? I'm too tired to knit after dealing with my Moochie and Chunky--that's only two!

larheel said...

I wasn't offended! I promise. Thanks for your kind apology. I knew you were trying to be funny, and figured it was a strange bit of circumstances (or you really had something against "used" sock yarn. I'm sure there are knitters out there who are quirky. I know I am.)

Sorry you couldn't contact me... Since I'm usually a lurker and not a blogger (yet) I don't usually worry about it. But I don't want to be anonymous, so I'm at larheel AT yahoo dot com.

I love watching the progress on your sweater, and I hope you feel better soon!

ps: the offer for the yarn still stands, should you need it!