Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Still here. I haven't been completely swept away by my obsession. At least not yet. Still here. Still anxiously knitting, trying to clear my knitting queue as fast as I can so I can cast on for my Tempest. Still contemplating color choices for my Tempest as I knit. I might have it narrowed down to this


or this


I'd knit them both, but I don't have enough yarn for that. I waffle. The blue tweed looks so nice against the blue and green yarn (or maybe I'm just drawn to this picture by the super cute baby fingers). On the other hand, I fantasize about wearing a dark blue tweedy sweater unbuttoned over all my t-shirts. I think that would get infinitely more wear, but the other one might be more fun to knit (STRIPES!) and would just be a more interesting garment. I don't know. I've got time to consider. I could just go all crazy and knit this



Until then I work furiously on my WIPs. As of this typing they look like this


Two pairs of toddler pants, one approximately 3T, the other 5T. They need tried on so the leg length can be tweaked. Then the cuffs can be sewn and the pants embellished with hearts just in time for Valentine's Day. So Cute! (if I do say so myself) The future owners should be here this afternoon for their fitting.

The shawl looks like this


Chart 1 is complete. And if you've knit an Icarus you know that means the hard part i, thankfully, over. Charts 2-4 go much faster. Not exactly fast, but they go as fast as knitting with 375 stitches per row and counting can go. I'll have 523 stitches in a row when all is said and done. This yarn is a dream to work with, absolutely a dream. I want to buy more in every color it comes in. So I really shouldn't complain about "having" to knit it.

In the mean time, while I wait for the real knitting to begin, let's look at some actual Finished Knitting!


Pattern: Revenge of the Mummies Socks, a Ravelry download

Yarn: No idea. I know it is cotton, but I must confess the ball band got lost two moves ago.

Needles: Size 2 Harmony Needles

Modifications: A 72 stitch cast on was just too loose for me, so I scaled it down to 64 stitches. The heel was worked on 32 stitches . The foot was worked on 60 stitches.

Review: I seem to have a bit of a monster sock obsession going on. First the Zombie socks. Then the Vampire socks. Now Mummy socks? What can I say. My parents used to show me all kinds of classic horror movies as a child. It sure explains a lot doesn't it! Now I need to find a good Alien or Werewolf pattern.


I love these socks. The cotton wasn't the greatest to work with, not bad, just not my favorite. But it was so worth the effort. They are comfy! I love padding around the tile floor in my hand knit socks. My socks have seen more wear since we bought this house than they've ever had before. (my plastic shoes don't hurt either. It is fun to walk around Wal-Mart in my plastic shoes with my hand knit socks. The downside is I spend a lot of time watching my feet, they're just so cute, and not looking where I'm going.)

There's something about sock knitting that makes me infinitely happy. Add my Harmony needles? *sigh* Knitting Heaven. I might like the Harmony needles better than my Addi's. I know. It's heresy to say that out loud, let alone put it in writing where it shall stand forever as a testament to my heathenism. But there you go. I said it. I might like my Harmony needles better than my Addi turbos. But not better than my Addi Lace. Does that buy me a measure of redemption?


These socks came dangerously close to being identical twins through no effort on my part. But halfway through the second foot I found a knot in the yarn. Grrrrr. Why do yarn makers do that? But since I wasn't trying for identical socks in the first place its no big deal to me. These socks land squarely in the Winners column.

I must say it is about time I had some real knitting content around here. Feels nice. Feels like I'm home.


Anonymous said...

Regia Surf, cotton/wool/nylon blend, and I don't remember the colorway name. Nice yarn, I still have some other colorways stashed, and probably about 1/3 of a ball left of your colorway - I made ankle socks with mine ;-)

Bezzie said...

Maybe some Frankensocks next?


Ha ha! I love themes.

Tammy said...

Great socks... love the matchiness. And I will be always grateful to know that I am not the only one who obsesses for days/weeks on just the right yarn/color/pattern combo. Obsess! Obsession! Distraction! My favorite words. But having no self-control (which is really obsession to the point of meltdown) I usually end up forgetting the initial purpose of using stash and buy new yarn that is (so I think) just right. Sigh... but so few things in life are just right.