Thursday, February 05, 2009

New day, same blog post

So, I'm still dreaming of Tempest. It really is getting silly. I should just grab a yarn and swatch, that might narrow my choices right away. And I must confess I was inspired by a comment left by Tammy and probably not in a good way. Based on her experience I've started contemplating purchasing yarn to knit my sweater with. Bad Tammy, do not enable the knit-blogger. Realistically I know I do not need to buy new yarn. I came up with ten potential sweaters from my stash. Certainly I can knit one of those and not have to jump on-line and order something new. (Although if I order the dark blue semi-solid from Socks that Rock I can knit the tweedy blue sweater AND the dark blue with blue and green sweater. I'm just saying is all). While I waffle in indecision, cause these decisions are critical to the future of life as we know it don't-you-know, my WIP's look like this.



I swear they are new pictures. There really IS progress. The pants have been tried on twice now with the leg lengths tweaked to perfection. Now I need to sew, which I prefer to do during daylight hours, so I really shouldn't be wasting good light like this blogging, but that's how much I love you all.

The shawl has progressed as well. I swear it has. See the edge.


That's a completed Chart 2 right there. Two charts down, two to go. ONLY FORTY ROWS LEFT!

Alright, when I put it that way it is a bit demoralizing. *sigh* Forty long rows.

I think I'll go back to TWO CHARTS DOWN! TWO TO GO!

I was going to show off a baby sweater today, but she is napping right now so I can't take pictures of her in it, and I'm wasting precious daylight. Maybe tomorrow. I need to get off the computer anyways before I accidentally place an order for new yarn.


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