Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Girl


No longer content to dress herself, she must now do all her personal grooming. I guess she got fed up with all the pigtails. So if you see her out in public, you'll understand what's going on with her hair. *sigh* She likes to do things herself.

You'll notice my blogging has been nothing but my random Project 365 pictures. And since I spend my days with Sweet Pea, she is often the subject of my 365 pictures. I hope to someday have time to type actual words. But not today.

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Mary B. said...

Well, really now, Snow White did not HAVE pigtails, did she? Loving the princess dress. I have three girls, no boys, and the girls are all in their 20's. They remember me as a spectacular mom (which I was not, except for being spectacularly in love with them) because I made princess dresses every year at Halloween and let them wear them all the time until they were so outgrown the girls looked like sausages in casings. And somewhere, in every one of their rooms, is at least one tattered princess dress lovingly folded away and saved. Go on and make those memories!! they are the best.