Saturday, January 29, 2011

More on the Boy

Someday someone is going to have to explain to me how carving a car out of a block of wood is going to turn my son into a fine upstanding citizen.


Cause I'm not seeing the straight line logic on that one.

Meaty had his very first Pine Wood Derby today and I must confess I was dreading it a just a bit. But it was actually tons of fun. Tons of fun that I forgot my camera for. Bad Blogger, no cookie for me. There were ten boys in his troop and they wanted everyone to get to race lots of times, so instead of doing a tournament elimination style race they had each boy race each boy, twice.

Meaty's car raced inconsistently. It really liked one side of the track and won on that side of the track every time. But it didn't like the other side of the track, and it was hit or miss on that side of the track. He had a really good time, which is the important part. He did a little "yes" with a arm movement when he won, and he just looked forward to his next race when he lost. He didn't place in the top three, but we think he came in fourth by the "Father's" unofficial calculations. (All the Fathers migrated to the end of the track studying the cars, predicting who was going to win each race, calculating who was winning overall, who wasn't, what they could do better for next year, it was hysterical).

This year, being our first year, was a learning year. We got the lay of the land. Learned how things work, what doesn't work. And next year, It IT ON. The Greatest and Meaty are already planning their design.

I've got to be honest. And I could be burned at the stake for saying this out loud, much less putting it in writing for all the world to see. This is even worse than when I confessed to loving my Knitpick Needles more than my Addis. It is that bad. But you know me. I keep it real.

I'm not in love with scouting yet.

I fear it is going to take over our lives.

At least I've only got the one boy right?


And he's so happy. How can I deny him anything that makes him so happy?

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