Friday, January 28, 2011



He wants a pet beetle. This is why I have three girls and only one boys. I don't do pet beetles. I'm a good Mom. Not a spectacular Mom, but a good Mom. I let him have his pet beetle. It currently lives in a pickles jar on the back porch and is not under any circumstances allowed in the house (a spectacular Mom would let him keep it on his dresser, see, not a spectacular Mom, and I can totally live with that, good is good enough, don't want to set the bar too hight for his future wife). He gave it a spider to be his friend (so now it really really can't come in the house). I can't decide if the beetle is going to eat the spider or if the spider if going to eat the beetle, but either way I hate setting someone up to get eaten alive. I know it's "nature" and all, but is it really nature if it happens in an old pickle jar on my back porch? It just seems like a horrible way to die. I don't want to be eaten alive. Girls never make me ponder my own death. This is why I have three girls.

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