Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can't See The Forest

Around here we love Christmas.

We do.

I won't apologize for that.

Our decorations goes up a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Every thing that stands still gets garland and lights. I've documented this before. The dog is scared to take a nap lest she wake up covered in tinsel and bows. My husbands dream is to have our house so brightly lit with Christmas lights that it shines like a beacon for miles around. Out of respect for our neighbors I try to temper that dream. I'm sure they like to sleep at night.

This year we acquired, by various means, new-to-us trees.

Six new trees to be specific.

That brings our total of Christmas trees to Eight.

Dang, eight sound like a lot.

And now I do feel the need to apologize and explain myself. Only two are large. Our largest one The Greatest has had for twenty years. The other large one goes in our bedroom. The rest are smallish. Two are outdoor trees. Three go in the kids bedrooms. One small three foot tree we didn't even unpack this year. It doesn't sound so bad when you find out they were all in bedrooms right? But still


That isn't even all of them.

It might be time to admit we have a problem.

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