Monday, January 03, 2011



Peanut Butter Pancakes with maple syrup. Yum.

We don't worry about our sugar intake in this house. At least not when Daddy is working late and we can eat "fake food" for dinner.

Note the hopeful dog under the table. She is never far when the kids are at the table. That is the whole reason we have a dog. Did I say a dog? Cause we don't just have "a" dog, we have three. See all the things you missed when I wasn't blogging. That is a story for another day. The other two have not learned to lie beneath the table yet. They try to climb on top of the table so they are not allowed the big dog privilege of being out when we eat. Only the old dog gets the table scraps.

Lucky old dog.

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Kaye said...

Ha ha! Age has its privileges!