Sunday, January 09, 2011

Evil 2.0: Take 2

So Evil 2.0 took four days to dry. Should have used a second towel to squeeze out the excess water before pinning it out. All that mounting anticipation only to discover....drum roll here....the sleeves look off. I've got a theory. My sleeve cap is too tall for a sweater with the amount of ease this sweater has. I need a shallower sleeve cap. I think. But I'm also thinking I didn't decrease enough stitches for the armpit on the actual sweater itself. To fix the first problem I just have to take off the sleeves, rip out the very top of the sleeves, re-knit them, and sew them back in place. It will take an afternoon. Then I cross my fingers and re-block. To fix the second problem I have to take off the arms. Take off the collar. Rip out the entire top half of the sweater front and back to the armpit. Decrease more stitches there, and then re-knit the sweater from the arm-pit up. This will take a few weeks. I'm going to try just fixing the sleeve caps first. Everyone cross their fingers for me.

Just thinking about it makes me sad. And tired. I've had a migraine since Thursday. All those pain pills I had left from December? Gone. I'm feeling better today, but I'm going to spend most of the day in bed anyways, taking it easy, making sure I don't relapse.

While I was waiting for Evil 2.0 to dry I knit myself a sweater *giggle*. I did. I knit myself a sweater from start to finish in four days *giggle* The entire time I was working on Evil 2.0 I worked ONLY on Evil 2.0. So when I was finally able to work on something else I worked on it with reckless abandon. And it flew by. But it was a cropped cardigan with negative ease and three quarter length sleeves. So it wasn't a full sweater. And it's pale ballerina pink. Does anything about this sweater sound like anything I should be wearing? It is a disaster of epic proportions in the making, but I couldn't help myself. It is so darn cute. And it will look so cute over my summer dresses. I tried it on with my dresses when it was half knit with one sleeve. It is going to be super cute with my black paisley dress. So not me. I will wear it and pretend I am someone else. Someone who wears cropped cardigans and pale ballerina pink. It is soaking in a bowl of water now. I should go block it. It is a cardigan, which means that after I block it I will neatly fold it and add it to the stack of cardigans I have knit this winter that are patiently waiting for buttons. Buttons are the bane of my existence. I shouldn't worry about actually wearing this pale ballerina pink cardigan. The button pile is where cardigans go to die in my house. I should really learn to love pullovers. But I can't help myself. I'm drawn to the siren song of cardigans.

Enough random ramblings for today. If I had been planning some of that could have been clever or interesting instead of just rambling. Maybe I'll be clever tomorrow. For now I'll just distract you with today's random picture.


I think the dogs have the right idea.


Lainey said...

I love the sound of that sweater! I'm not really a cropped cardi type or a pale pink type. But it sounds like something totally amazing that I would love to have for summery style things too! I'm still learning to knit, would love to be able to knit a sweater of any type in 4 days! I'm working on a knit top for my 2 year old.. it's a slow go, lol!

Katrina said...

I hope Evil can be easily adjusted and fixed. Sweaters can be such hard taskmasters. I have no doubt you'll make it perfect. Then just imagine the mental feng shui that will come about when it's all done.

I hope you're feeling better.