Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Repair Gone Horribly Wrong

So I'm on this mission to make my home livable once again. Cleaning, decrapifying, fixing. This is where the joint compound comes in.

My bathroom bunnies have decided that drywall is a tasty tasty treat. Yeah. Not as awesome as one might think. They no longer get free run of my bathroom. They now get free run of a playpen in my bathroom. In the middle of my bathroom. Far from the walls. And boy are they angry about the entire affair. Every night one, or maybe both of them, hops the entire perimeter of the play pen, dropping little pellets of rabbit poop along the perimeter as they go. They then push these tiny pellets of rabbit poop under the bottom of the playpen. Their message is clear. They are marking their territory. Fine you want us in the playpen? This playpen is now ours. Do not cross our line of poop.

We make sure to go in their playpen every single day to pet and annoy them.

They are very angry bunnies.

But they have such cute butts it is hard to take their wrath seriously. This is why bunnies as an animal have never been taken seriously as an evil super power. Their butts are just too cute.

The Greatest came home and found me with my joint compound, my patience exhausted, ready to take matter into my own hands. And he decided it was time to tackle the "honey do" list. Maybe some good did come from my trip to Lowes.

He fixed the walls in the bathroom for me. He fixed the leaky faucet in the kids bathtub (after much googling on my part I might add). He hung some things on the walls for me. He removed the door to the laundry room (something I've been asking him to do for over a year) He tackled the leaky kitchen sink.

And this is where it kinda fell apart.

But it wasn't his fault.

The faucet was too corroded.

And I don't think it was put on correctly in the first place.

But he couldn't get a piece off.

He tried and tried and swore and tried and tried and twisted and tried and swore.

He put some kind of lubricant on it and let it sit.

Repeat the above attempt.

We bought WD-40.

There was more trying. More twisting. More swearing. There was some scratching of the faucet. Then the faucet broke. The part he was trying to twist off never did twist off.

Back to Lowes we go.


*Yikes, ignore the dirty window. In my defense that dirt is all on the outside, and yet another thing to add to my to-do list: Wash the outside windows.*

I love my new kitchen faucet. It is shapely, and spot resistant. Best of all, when you turn if off the water stops coming out of the top. And because he spoils me, he bought the matching reverse osmosis faucet to go with it.

I just don't don't know how to tell The Greatest that I walked by the kids bathroom after tucking them into bed and I heard the tub dripping again.

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