Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Lovin'

Oh yeah Baby! It is indeed the triumphant return of Friday Lovin'!

And I'm loving...

Darling, simply darling

"Gnomeo and Juliet." I'll admit it. I rolled my eyes so hard I thought I sprained something when I first heard about this movie. But the kids were being so good I got it for them from Redbox. I don't mind wasting a dollar on a bad movie at Redbox. But I was surprised, this movie is DARLING. I adore it. I'm completely smitten with gnomes now. Which leads me to point number #2.

I'm loving....


my gnome. I mentioned on facebook that I wanted to decorate my entire backyard in gnomes a la Gnomeo and Juliet and a few days later my dear friend dropped this off at my door. Don't I have the BEST FRIENDS?!!!!! And isn't he darling?!!!! And aren't I in danger of having my house stormed by the punctuation police at any moment for my over misuse/overuse of punctuation?!!!!! But my impending incarceration for crimes against grammar is neither here nor there. Back to the matter at hand: my darling gnome. Sweet Pea named him "Fiona." When I pointed out that Fiona is more of a girls name she quickly changed her mind to "Santa Claus." I think it is a rather fitting name for a gnome that resides in our Christmas tree that lives year round on our back patio.

I'm loving....

All giggles and smiles

visits from Grandpa!!!!!!! (there I go again, taunting the proper use of punctuation, what can I say, I live life on the edge!) We all miss you so much. Just the other day Sweet Pea announced her HATRED for the airport because she wanted her Grandpa but he was at the airport, so she hated the airport with all the wrath a three year old can muster (which is a surprising amount of wrath. The airport should sleep with one eye open.) Come back soon!

And I'm loving this picture....

My Family

What are you loving this Friday?

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