Thursday, June 16, 2011

Imagine That

Who would have thunk it? I've got some finished knits to show off around here! And they're my favorite kind of finished knits: Baby Knits!

Tiny Sweatery Sweater

Pattern: Puerperium Cardigan

Yarn: Telemark, discontinued color: Leopard, 2 balls

Needles: Size 6 Addi Turbos


Tiny details on a tiny sweater

Review: Love this pattern! It was a joy to knit, no modifications required. Very cute, very simple lines. Love everything about it. Pork Chop's best friend was getting a little brother and I knit this for him. He was early and is unimaginably tiny. At a month old he is only five pounds. I've seen him, he is darling, but I still can't wrap my head around the concept of a five pound human being.


This sweater is meant to fit a 6-8 pound baby, and it looks like it will fit him this fall. Which is rather perfect. I had intended it to be a light sweater to wear in the chilly air conditioning, but really, whenever it fits is fine. I just love the way it turned out. And the Mother seems to love it too (or was gracious enough to pretend she loves it) so that makes it a double win. I even love the simplicity of the neat little line of black buttons against the light grey garter button band.

Buttony Buttons

Does knitting get any better than this?

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