Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Knitting?

Yup-a-doodle! More knitting!

It is the companion piece to the Puerperium Cardigan. Because who can have a baby without a hand-made baby blanket?

Who has a baby?

Pattern: Serenity

Yarn: Vanna's Choice, dark grey, 8 balls? bad blogger I don't remember

Needles: size 4 and 7? maybe even a 5 and 8?


Modifications: I think I did some kind of modification on the blanket, maybe even one that was written into the pattern, a mod for a smaller blanket, but I don't remember what it was, I am such a bad blogger. I've been trying to plug projects into Ravelry lately so that I have some kind of trail for blogging later.

Review: I love this pattern. I love the way this turned out. I'm still kind of worried about the blanket. I choose acrylic yarn so the blanket could be machine washed. I think that's important in a baby blanket that is being gifted to a non-knitter. Machine washability is important. So I choose a beautiful washable grey. I knit the pattern and it was lovely to knit. A bit of a pain towards the end when I had eleventy billion stitches on the needles and they were rather hard to move, but it was worth it. Until I got it off the needles and discovered the middle of the blanket didn't lay flat, it popped up like a mushroom. Not so awesome. I blocked it with my steam iron to kill the acrylic. And it was steamed into submission, it laid flat and was beautiful.

No Mushroom Here

Only my steam iron was acting up. It has been dropped one two many times, and has a huge crack, and was leaking water, and was sketchy with the steaming. I'm worried it wasn't all steamed into submission. It looks good now, but I'm secretly worried that the first time the blanket gets washed that mushroom in the middle is going to pop back up. So everyone cross their fingers that I did a good job killing the acrylic and it is really dead, and it doesn't go all zombie and rise up the first time it comes into contact with soap and water, k?

But until the inevitable acrylic zombie apocalypse (which is way worse than the usual human zombie apocalypse) don't my cables look beautiful?

Cable-y Goodness

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