Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Luh-va

I'm loving......

Sleep where you can

Naps! Just wearing the kids out until they sleep wherever they drop.

And speaking of Sweet Pea I'm loving the way she tells me she loves me. She gets right in my face and says "Mommy, I luh-va you!" Two syllables. So sweet. And she doesn't "luh-va" Meaty. And he is not her friend. But "Mommy I luh-va you, and you're my favorite." After years of Daddy reigning supreme it is good to finally be someone's favorite.

I'm loving....


night swimming. (I know not a picture of the pool at night, but my night time photography skills leave something to be desired). Sneaking to the pool when the children are tucked snug in their beds. Swimming with no one splashing in my face. No one cannon balling on my head. No one climbing on my raft and dumping me in the pool every.five.minutes. Adult Swim is a beautiful thing.

And finally I'm loving....


The Walking Dead. My Dad bought me the first season when he was visiting and it got tucked away on our shelf waiting for that mythical moment The Greatest and I could sit down and watch it without the children around. It took weeks, but we found a moment on Fathers Day. We sat down that evening to watch just one episode after the children had gone to bed. Just one episode was all it took. The next thing we knew it was 2 a.m. and we had watched the entire season (which was only 6 episodes, in a related rant, since when is 6 episodes considered a full season? that's more like a mini-series or a television special event, how is that considered a full season of a tv show? and the next season is supposed to have double the episodes with 13! Again, not a full season! end rant) Anyways, at the risk of sounding like Sweet Pea, zombies are not my favorite. But this show is riveting. It is compelling. You can't look away. I'm obsessed. I've googled every spoiler I can find. I'm thinking of selling one of the children so I can buy all the comic books. I'm counting down the days until October when the new season premieres. I'm loving this show.

What are you loving this week?

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