Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just not my day

Headache today.

We're messing around with my migraine meds, and it ain't pretty. Just low level pain today, not too bad yet, but it is threatening to blow up in a big way. I can feel it.


So we hunker down and stay in inside. No pool. No park. No bikes. In short? No fun.

A lazy quiet day. Deep hair treatments to head-off the damage all that swimming is doing to our hair (google SMT hair treatment and do it to your hair STAT). And NAILS.

Zebra Nails

Thirty perfect little fingers. For the record, Sweet Pea requested those "Zebra Nails." She saw them at the nail salon in Wal-Mart and has been dreaming of them ever since. Mine are not salon quality, but I've got the fact that she's three working in my favor. She doesn't know the difference. She thinks they look fantastic.

And thirty perfect tiny toes.

Tiny Toes

My first attempt at this picture came out like this.

Jealous Puppy wants her nails done too!

I think our dog wanted her nails painted too!

Not so much fun for the boy today. But he got to play Plants vs. Zombies without anyone bothering him for their turn, so I think it was a win-win afternoon.

My soft cotton knitted ball is still soaking in a bowl.


Maybe I'll pin it out tomorrow.

Or maybe not.

It might be best not to set the bar too high right now.

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