Sunday, June 26, 2011


My head was achey when I went to bed last night. I was hoping for some good sleep to reset my brain. But old dog is old and she had other plans for me.

She works with her own agenda and her agenda included getting up every two hours exactly to go pee and get a drink of water. I don't know why she choose last night to get up every two hours to pee and get a drink of water. Maybe she could tell I really needed to sleep and she must work counter to my needs. Maybe she has decided to get some joy from what little life she has left by tormenting me. Maybe she thinks I miss getting up every two hours with a baby and she wanted to help me feel nostalgic. But whatever the reason, I found myself dragging my weary bones out of bed every two hours exactly so I could be a spotter for old dog on the stairs lest she fall. I opened the back door for her so she could go outside because she only uses the doggie door when she feels like it, and last night she didn't feel like it. I opened the door to let her back in. I re-filled her water bowl. I spotted old dog on the way back up the stairs, and then, and only then, was I allowed to take a small nap before we repeated the process all over again.


So my head is still achey today. Not all splodey yet, but I can feel a little thread pulling in my head threatening to explode. Big Fun. So another quiet easy day inside. The kids built a tent and watched movies. I let them eat candy in their bedrooms. They think I'm the best Mom ever. They luv-ah me.

Luckily, with The Greatest home today, that meant lots of KNITTING for me!


It is finally looking like a sweater. Well, it kinda looks like a sweater. Imagine sleeves. Can you see the sweater now?

Well it is finally looking sweater-ish. And it is almost done. Just two short sleeves, and some blocking and I will have a brand new blue sweater.

Speaking of blocking, I still haven't pinned out my shawl yet. My shame is great. I think I will have to pin it out tomorrow. Or stop blogging. One or the other. Honestly I'm still on the fence as to which way I'll go.

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