Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another reason why we are the best parents ever

Warning this post contains adult language. If this will be offensive please come back tomorrow. If you are just here for the sweater please scroll down.

Here's another example of our great parenting skills. Yesterday The Greatest bought two movies out of the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart. This morning he decides to unwrap them, bear in mind he hasn't had his morning coffee yet. I'm not sure what would possess him to do something challenging like open dvd packaging without his morning medication? Before he's had his coffee he can barely work the coffee maker. So he's opened the plastic and is now struggling with the stupid stickers that they put on all three sides of the stupid case, that are almost impossible to take off without stretching the plastic beneath them. Do they really need that much protection from shoplifters? Don't shop lifters just take the entire package with them instead of opening the stupid thing and taking just the disk? I don't know for sure, as I've never shoplifted a dvd. I don't know what the official MO is for a theif. Anyways, as he is wrestling with the security tape he declares "Come off fucker." And sweet Meaty who is playing with Bird at The Greatest's feet repeats "fucker." I look at The Greatest in horror. He looks at me in surprize. And we both start laughing. The Greatest laughs so hard he crys. Why is it swear words sound so cute in a two year old falsetto voice? I keep reminding The Greatest that they're not so cute coming from an older child. We didn't say a word to Meaty because if he knows that word gets a reaction he'll just keep saying it. Hopefully he'll just forget the word in a few days. Atleast when Meaty sweats today at Knitting Group I can have all the angry mothers call The Greatest for an explaination.


maria said...

got here from knitty boards and am in LOVE with that nicole camisole!!

is there a published pattern or did you write it...?

it's gorgeous :-)

Jacki said...

LOL, that's priceless. My sister learned how to flip the bird when she was a baby, and it took us months to train her out of it.
Pro shoplifters can open up those packages like it's as easy as opening a can of soup with an electric can opener. Which is a shame, because I'm sure there's some positive application for a skill like that.