Friday, April 22, 2005


I'm Goddess, and I procrastinate. Take this morning for example. I told my friend I would bring a dessert to playgroup today. Have I made the dessert yet? Of course not. When do I have to leave? In an hour and a half. Plus I need to shower and dress and get three children dressed and ready to go in that time. Am I mixing cake batter as I type? Of course not. Am I simultaniously conditioning my hair as I upload photographs? No way, that would take attention to detail. Instead I'm blogging.

We're moving next weekend. I live in a three bedroom house with five people. I keep looking around going "Damn, we've got a lot of stuff." Have I started packing? Not really. Do I even have boxes yet? I've got about a dozen. That should be enough shouldn't it. Why do I put off things until they reach a crisis point? I always have. Write a ten page term paper in college, not until the night before. I do my best work under pressure.

If I neglect my blog next week please forgive. The Greatest has threatened to pack the computer first so I will not be able to use my blog as a forum for procrastinating. He's also threatened to pack my knitting needles second. So I must buckle down and be disciplined.

In the meantime gaze upon the lovliness that is my Vogue Sweater blocking.

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yuvee said...

I love it!! seriously, the back is beautiful, the colour is so pretty, it's GREAT!!

Jacki said...

Ooh, that sweater is gorgeous!
Uh-oh, sounds like the Greatest is on to you. Packing the computer first! Let's hope he doesn't hide all your yarn so that you have to finish Evil before you can knit anything else.

Heather said...

OMG...what a fantastic sweater..can you say yummy color!!!! Good luck with your procrastinating..I'm a major procrastinator too but it seems like the older I get the less I'm able to handle the crisis mode so my ways are slowly changing! :)