Tuesday, April 19, 2005

She finally found a man.

For months we have been trying to get Bird to attatch to a lovie. Any lovie. We have bought her a virtual parade of soft squishy toys trying to gain her approval. Anything she holds for more than ten seconds in the store is rushed home only to be instantly discarded at the front door. We are spending her meager college fund on stuffed animals. When she is upset instead of cuddling a lovie she sits on my lap and pinches me. See why I want her to bond with something, for the love of all that's good anything, so badly. I think she finally found true love. Let me introduce Kung Fu Chuck

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She met him at my Parent's home, and despite my insistence that she didn't need him, he ended up stowing away in the car. I was sure he would be dumped uncerimoniously at the front door like all the other potential loves before him, but for some reason it's been three days and he is still a favorite. I don't know if it's his cool clothes, the styling headband, or the fact that when you press his arm he twirls his numchucks and sing "Kung Fu Fighting." But I think she's found True Love at last.

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Jacki said...

Oh dear. It's a sign. She will forever be attracted to dangerous men. I hope you are prepared for her high school years, when she starts bringing home ninjas and circus fire-eaters.