Friday, April 08, 2005

Spring has Sprung

Can't blog, the new issue of Spring Knitty is here.

I did want to answer some questions really quickly.

The Nicole Camisole is from White Lies Designs. It is the first pattern I've paid for and well worth every penny. I knit is using an acrylic yarn called Micro Spun. I usually modify the pattern when I knit them. On this pattern I took out a few of the lace repeats around the body so it would fit better (I'm right between a small and a medium). I also added a row of single crochet along the back edges and across the top to the bodice cups to help with stockingnette curling.

The yarn I am using to knit The Greatest's sweater is from ebay. It is a very nice color and wonderful once washed with a bottle of conditioner. But in it's unwashed form it is like knitting with twine. It is stiff and scratchy and leaves deep grooves in my fingers. But I love him, so I knit on. I've got ten inches done! Only six more inches, two sleeves, the raglan top and a mock turtle neck to go. Wait, that didn't make me feel better. Especially when I need to knit this and this and I've got two baby sweaters to make (and those really are on a deadline) and I just have to do this and, oh you get the idea.