Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bad knitting mojo

I don't know what I did to piss off the Gods of Knitting, but I must have done something. I was making the Belle Paquita with this

Notice all the tiny balls, you'll understand in a minute. I got the entire bodice and sleeves done in a week and discovered it was too small for my breastfeeding boobs. I looked at the medium pattern and the cast on is actually smaller than the cast on for the small. I looked at the large pattern, but my boobs aren't that big. So I decided to keep knitting the small and hope it would fit in the spring when I get to wean. I went to sew the sleeves into the bodice, and they were way too small. I e-mailed the designer and asked if maybe the links to the small bodice pattern and the medium bodice pattern were reversed and I was trying to sew the small sleeves into a medium bodice. Or I'm an idiot and I'm reading the pattern wrong and doing something wrong which is a distinct possibility. Marnie said she'd check. I just love her, so talented and she returned my e-mail. I think I'll stalk her. But I ended up frogging the entire thing, hence all the tiny balls.
Being unable to knit the Bella I traded a weeks worth of babysitting for this

Four balls of the softest Giesha. But this Giesha is cursed. My friend had already tried knitting several incarnations of a shawl for her Mother-in-Law, but nothing panned out and she ended up frogging it all and trading the yarn to me. I too have started knitting several things with this yarn only to frog it and start again. I am currently on the fifth try to knit a Shapely Tank Top This is how far I am.

It's depressing I ripped it out three times yesterday, stupid dropped stitches. No more knitting while nursing the baby, it's just not a good combination when I'm using 14 inch needles. And why on earth am I using 14 inch needles that are entirely too long and I hate? Because I actually wore out my favorite pair of 10 inch size six needles. I didn't know you could wear out aluminum needles but you can. Once you wear off the color the metal underneath is scratchy and unusable. Who knew? I still need to get ribbon or something for my Bella Epoque sweater. I'll have to get a new pair of needles then.
And since every post must contain a cute shot of my kids here are the girls in their matching Easter Dresses. It's so cute it's wrong, I'm sick and I must be stopped.

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