Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oh how the mighty have fallen

When I was pregnant with Pork Chop I worked with this crazy woman who convinced my pregnant brain that if I let my cat get anywhere near my baby it would kill it. She was rather vague on the details of just how my cat would go about killing my baby, or why the cat would kill my baby, she just repeated her words of doom every day until I was sure the cat was involved in a world wide plot larger than Al Queda to kill off humans by destroying their offspring. When The Greatest set up the crib for me my cat decided it was a wonderful place to sleep, ditto for the bassinet. It drove me crazy. I would throw the cat out of the room, spray her with water. Once I went so far as to take her into the bathroom and hold her under the tub facet trying to get her to hate the crib. I finally just kept the nursery door shut at all times to keep the furry assassin out of my darling Pork Chop's sleeping quarters.

Flash forward two years and we are anxiously awaiting Meaty's birth. The cat once again is napping in the bassinet. She was so excited to see us put it up. It was like she'd found her long lost friend. While I was not excited about her sleeping in the bassinet or crib again I had decided that Pork Chop survived her infancy, so maybe the cat wasn't the sleeper cell I thought she was. We worked out an arrangement where I would toss the cat out of the crib when I found her there or when I walked into the room to put Meaty down for a nap she would voluntarily leave the crib. This arrangement worked.

Flash forward to Bird's birth. Because Bird and Meaty are so close in age the crib was never packed away, just moved from one room to another. This new room is over the garage and slightly colder, so it has a portable heater, thus increasing it's attractiveness to the cat. She no longer bothers to get out of the crib when I put the baby down for a nap, and I no longer bother to throw her out. She hasn't killed any of my kids yet, so if she's a hired assassin working in a plot to kill off the human race she is unually patient, even for a cat. She doesn't curl up with the baby, she lays at one end and the baby lays at the other. But if someone had told me when I was pregnant with Pork Chop that one day I would just put my baby down to sleep with the cat in the crib I would have thought that person was on drugs. Didn't they know about the global conspiracy of cats? Doesn't this look like a ferocious killing machine.
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