Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tag I'm it!

I've been interviewed. The wonderful Jacki has sent me interview questions, so here I go. If you wanted to be tagged for an interview e-mail me.

Okay, here's your interview:
1) Would you rather eat a live spider or go bungie jumping?
Although both include my biggest fears I think I'd rather bungie jump. I think if I ate a spider I would always feel spidery legs in my internal organs. Eww it makes me squirm just thinking about it. If I had to bungie jump The Greatest could push me and that would give him a cheap thrill.
2) Describe your Dream Yarn.
My dream yarn would be the softest of soft yarn, and completely machine washable. It would magically knit in even stitches. And at the moment it would be lavender. (next week I'd probably want it to be lime green, I'm fickle and my whims are easily shifted).
3) What's the best part of being a mom?
Hands down the best part is Sticky kisses! But I also love little voices telling me "Mommy I la loo"(Meatys way of saying I love you), or Pork Chop telling me I'm her bestest Mommy ever when I give her something she wants. I like to see their chubby baby bodies (Bird) grow into sturdy toddlers (Meaty)and then onto child bodies with impossibly long limbs that could never have started out as my chubby baby (Pork Chop). I like to watch them learn new things and see how proud they are of themselves even if it's something I would rather they hadn't figured out (like how to circumvent the child proofing). I love hearing their thoughts and logic patterns. Children are just naturally funny. Oh I just love everything about it, except maybe all the laundry.
4) If you were going to open a yarn store, what would you call it?
Got Yarn?
5) If Pluto is a dog, then what is Goofy?
Goofy is some kinda sick product of beastiality between an un-named Disney Prince and Pluto. He's evolution gone horribly wrong.

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Jacki said...

You called me wonderful! Thanks!
ROFL! That is easily the best explanation of Goofy I've ever heard!!!