Thursday, March 03, 2005


For some insane reason I don't want to use my children's actual names in my blog. I'll put their pretty faces out there for the universe, I just don't feel like making it really easy for the sick fucks out there to get their full name and address. I'm probably not as cautious as I could be in trying to remain semi-anonymous, but I do feel not giving out their names and socials is a good start. It's taking a lot of time to type out My oldest daughter, My son, My youngest daughter. I've decided to just refer to them as their baby nicknames. From hence for they will be known as follows
My oldest daughter who is almost five will be - Pork Chop
My Son who is two will be - Meaty
My youngest child who is 10 months will be - Bird
My Husband will be - The Greatest
And I of course am Goddess. I reign supreme in my house, as I should.
Here's Pork Chop, Meaty, and Bird watching the portable car tv while they eat breakfast

We are such good parents.

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