Thursday, March 31, 2005

Knitting is in her blood

My friend bought Pork Chop a knitting machine. Wait it's not just a knitting machine, it's a pink and purple BARBIE knitting machine.

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Too bad it's broken. It didn't have instructions so I got some online, and from what I can tell it's missing a bunch of stuff to hold the tension. The little wire that holds the yarn directly in line with the rotating needles is also broken. We've managed to get it working if I hold the yarn in place, and maintain the tension while she turns the handle. She loves it! All it knits is big long tubes. She knit this for her Grandma for Easter (Grandma don't look!) Too bad we were sick and didn't get to go.

Does anyone know how to repair a Barbie knitting machine. She's driving me crazy wanting me to hold her yarn all the time. Doesn't she know I have my own knitting to do (speaking of which I got 7 inches on my camisole done yesterday! pictures tomorrow) And does anyone know what to do with all the tubes, they come in one size fits all. We've thought of scarves, little purses, a baby hat (but only for a newborn) a doll dress, and maybe socks if I can put elastic in the top. Any other ideas, anyone, anyone?

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