Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Come on ride the train

Don't you think this is getting a little out of control?
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I should have realized in December of 2003 when The Greatest wanted to buy a train set for Meat and he wasn't even a year old yet that this would get out of hand. I managed to talk him out of it that year. But last year I got vetoed by Santa and Meat awoke to this under the Christmas Tree. And don't get me wrong, he loves it, but not as much as his Daddy does. It has been what? two and a half months since Christmas right? You would not believe what Fisher Price has put me through in that time. Meat is unfortunate enough to have his birthday a few weeks after Christmas. The Greatest wanted to get him more train accessories for his Birthday. We bought him the Clock Tower. It is very cool but completely useless without the Elevation Pack. Who has the Elevation Pack? Until Saturday, NO ONE. What followed was a two month search of every toy store and Wal-Mart in the tri-State area trying to find Geo Trax products in stock. Not to mention hours of searching on line for the stupid thing. He also bought every motorized geotrax engine he found during the process because you never know when it will be back in stock. He drove me crazy! But on Saturday his dreams came to fruition. He found the elevation pack, not only that but he found the straight pack AND the ramp pack. The result was this
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Meat's room is not a big room. I couldn't fit it all in one shot, but here's the train compared to his bed
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It's bigger than his bed. Life was good for exactly one day. Then The Greatest got on line and realized he can't make any of the really cool layouts without the Suspension Bridge. Has anyone seen the Suspension Bridge?

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Jacki said...

I can't help myself, I have to say it - that is so cool! It's bigger than the bed!!!