Monday, March 07, 2005

Knitting curse is lifted

I have appeased the Knitting Gods. Instead of having knitting group once a week, we held our knitting group twice last week, and the Gods are pleased. They have blessed me with a finished Shapely Tank Top
Here it is in it's unblocked glory with an ugly black tank underneath (cause that's what I was wearing when I tried it on)
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Now I just need to block it and Belle Epoque, sew the belt for B.E. and then I'll be free to start a sweater for The Greatest. He wants me to replicate a sweater he already owns using this yarn
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(Photo courtesty of Pork Chop)
It's not very inspiring work, but I love him so I'll do it.

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Jacki said...

I envy you - I'm on a constant search for something to knit for my BF that he'd actually appreciate. So far we've come up with 'bowling shoe covers' - how's that for inspiring? ;)
I can't get over the image in my head of your children eating cereal off the floor...not that it's hard to picture, I've got a little sister.
You're the first person who's asked me what the novel is about! In a nutshell, it's about a young waitress who gets involved in organized crime when her boss sort of takes her under his wing. So far, I've probably got seventy-five pages written, and all but maybe ten are gonna get scrapped.
the bunny pattern is here:
I used size nine needles and Lion Brand Jiffy. And that stuff at the bottom of the page about altering the pattern so that the ears stand up - I don't know what that woman is talking about, I made the original ears and they stand up.
That tank is lovely - I'm glad the curse is lifted! Any news on the Bella Paquita?
Did you decide to go with the crocus bud belt for Belle Epoque?