Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sugar hangover

Easter was kinda a bust for us. We got very sick and were unable to go to Grandma and Paps for their HUGE Easter Egg hunt. We were all ready too. We had plastic eggs filled with candy and we dyed Easter Eggs to hide

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Dying the eggs was so much fun. The kids were so cute. I took pictues of that too, but I had the kids dye the eggs in their underware and that's not appropriate for public viewing.

As a child my mother always hid our baskets and left us rhymes on the kitchen table to help us find our baskets. As we grew older the clues got harder and sometimes led to several locations with further clues. It was so much fun. My Mom is the greatest. This is a tradition we are keeping with our own children. And as I sat Saturday night trying to make up rhymes I realized how freaking BRILLIANT my mother is to have made up new, increasingly harder rhymes each year for four children. This is the rhyme The Greatest wrote for Pork Chop

Your basket is hidden
We wouldn't want to spoil it
So we won't tell you
it's in the ________

Then taped to the toilet he wanted to leave

We're only kidding
so quit your bitchin
your basket is somewhere
in the kitchen

We didn't use those rhymes (although we might save them for when they're teenagers). The kids had more age appropriate rhymes. I saved them, then forgot I was saving them and threw them away last night. So the world will never know what rhymes we used. The kids did find their baskets,

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and much sugar was consumed by all.

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Bird discovered you can eat a chocolate egg with the foil still on if you try hard enough.

Here's our dog. Doesn't she look pathetic. She can't figure out why she didn't get a basket too.

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Jacki said...

I love the idea of using clues - like an Easter egg hunt and a scavenger hunt type thing in one. LOL, I especially like The Greatest's clues, you will have to save those for when the kids are older :)