Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I've found the off switch!

I love my kids, I love them, love them, love them. But I must confess that I love them slightly less at one in the morning. I need atleast nine hours of sleep, ten is better. But since the birth of my son I have been surviving on six hours, and that is interrupted sleep. On a good night the baby gets up only once. On a bad night all three get up multiple times. I'd let the younger ones cry it out but that only results in all the kids waking up, the younger ones contained in their crib or room crying and the oldest at my bedside making sure I'm awake because "Moooom they need you."
The last night was unusual in the way that the baby woke up, ate and then instead of going back to sleep decided to scream unconsolably for a while (I'm sure unconsolably is a word, but it might be a misspelled one). She had eaten peas for the first time that day. She loved them. What's not to love about little green balls that you can eat. She so carefully picked each one off her highchair tray, squished it, then ate it, occassionally rubbing one in her hair for variety. My best guess in the peas gave her gas. I rubbed her back, bicycled her legs, then finally my Husband got up with her and gave her tylenol (incase it wasn't gas) and Pepto Bismal. Then we sat on the couch with her until she calmed down. Here is the amazing part. She stopped crying and I reached over to wipe a tear from her right eye. As soon as I touched her she leaned into my hand and fell asleep. It was instantaneous (where is spell check on this thing). It was amazing. It was a freaking miracle. There is an off switch underneath the right eye. Why aren't they telling you this in the hospital? I could have used this information four years ago when my oldest screamed for hours with colic. I could have used this information yesterday to take a nap. Gotta check and see if it still works on my two year old.

Here's the sleeping beauty standing all by herself for the first time. I know it looks like my Husband's arm is holding her up, but really it's behind her and close so she doesn't fall, but she's standing on her own two cute feet with no help. She'll be walking soon. Three mobile children, may God have mercy on my soul.

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