Thursday, March 24, 2005

Curse of the Palm?

When my Father upgraded his palm pilot he gave me his old one. Well, that's not exactly true. First he gave it to my older brother who didn't like it. Then he gave it to my little sister who never used it. Then he gave it to my little brother who found it to be a pain in the ass to use. So being out of children he offered me his old palm pilot. And wouldn't you know I love the stupid thing. I think the best feature is I can download my knitting patterns onto it and carry it around in my knitting bag and look very high tech. But I also like the address book and date book. Since I have started using the date book I find myself with more appointments. I've got a couple theories about this
1. We're just really busy right now. We're trying to sell the house and that makes for a lot of showings and meetings with appraisers and inspectors and such. Once the house is gone things will calm down.
2. I've always had this much to do, I've just never documented it before
3. Since I've been keeping track of things on my palm I actually show up for things. Since I am now being more reliable people are relying on me to do more.
I actually think it is number three, thus the cursed palm. I'm afraid if I keep using it I will suddenly have a schedule so full I'll actually have to pencil in time to neglect my children. Regardless I love the stupid thing. Thanks Dad!

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