Thursday, July 07, 2005

Boring Blog

I'm still knitting away on Clapotis. After last weeks flurry of productivity and finished objects this week seems rather anti-climactic. I could post a picture of my progress, but frankly it looks just like the other picture only longer. I haven't touched Mariposa, and almost completely forgot about the Surprise Knitting. I guess I really do need at least three objects ready to be finished before I can finish something. If this theory is correct then once I get Clapotis ready to finish (which will entail weaving in two ends) I'll be able to knock out the other two projects in another Blitzkreig of knitting. I have decided that I want to knit the clover wrap from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation if not next then soon. I just need to decide on a color. I'm also going to do the scarf for my father. I wonder what project will round out the holy trinity of finished knitting. Maybe a baby sweater for Bird. I would like to do a Dragon Hoodie for her, but use the pattern I used for the Bumble Bee Sweater.
Nevermind. I went to Marnie's site to get the link to the Dragon Hoodie and saw this. Love at first sight. I'm thinking of cheating on my Clapotis. I wonder how long it will take to order the pattern?

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rincaro said...

I love that corset top. I'm thinking that's a next summer knit for me!