Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Knitted Perfection

Would I let a little thing like this keep me down?


Now bear in mind you can't see from the picture but it wraps around to the top of my finger and there's another stitch up there. I know it's gross, but if I have to look at it so do you. It's really a PITA. Sure it has it's advantages, like I can't bathe the kids for the next eight days, and people are coming over to keep me company and change all poopy diapers. But there's a down side, you should have seen me trying to take a shower and keep my hand dry. Plus typing this is a real pain. Overall this was not worth it just to get out of having to do the dishes for a week.

But I feel I have put my non-dishwashing, non-poopy diaper changing time to good use. Allow me to present Clapotis or as I like to call it "Knitted Perfection."

looks cute on everyone

There it is modeled on my niece. And here it is front and back modeled by my sister

see looks good on everyone

sorry about the butt shot

I'm just in love with it. I'm so happy to have knitted something that wasn't frogged fifty times, or resized. I did made it wider and longer to be more of a wrap, but that was incredibly easy, no real math involved, and I just love it. I used "Rainbow Boucle" from Jo-Anne's. It knitted up very soft and let me tell you it is warm despite the huge holes from the dropped stitches. I love the stripes, I love the dropped stitches. The pattern was easy and fun to knit. I think everyone should make one. I'm like Tom Cruise, I just keep gushing about how much I'm in love. But I think I'm way less creepy about it. You understand my love don't you?

Do you think Mariposa feels like Nicole Kidman? She shouldn't because I haven't forgotten her. Is this what I think it is?

thin is in

Why yes it is. It's a thinner strap for Mariposa. Barring any unforeseen mutilation I should have the other one knit and blocking by the end of the day! Hooray! We are supposed to visit my In-Laws this weekend and I would like to have it ready to wear by then. But considering my track record I'm sure something will happen before then, maybe it will spontaneously combust. If it does atleast it will have flattering straps.

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jacki said...

Wow, that is really nasty. You poor girl! As for keeping your hand dry, how about wearing a rubber glove with the wrist sealed tight with a rubber band? Or you could wrap the pinky in saran-wrap and rubber band the bottom.
Clapotis is much prettier than Katie Holmes, and it's probably smarter.
I can't wait to see Mariposa completed!