Thursday, July 21, 2005

Knitting right along

I think I've made quite a bit of progress on Bird's cabled sweater. I've got the back all done. See

great ambient lighting

While I know the shot isn't particularly great at showing off the work, I kept it because I just loved the lighting. I know I said it's a cabled sweater but the back is all stockingnette. I'm especially proud at how much I've gotten done considering that I've been spending my evening after the kids go to bed (prime knitting time) reading Harry Potter outloud with The Greatest instead of knitting. Here's a close up of how the "spots" are knitting up.

you are hypnotized by the dots

I usually knit with worsted weight yarn. This is "double knit" or DK weight and I just love it. It is producing such a thin delicate fabric with a nice drape. I may never go back to bulky yarns again. But I am having a bit of trouble with the cables on the front. With bulky yarn the holes from cabling are less noticible or easier to fill in. I just need to knit tighter to hide the holes with this thinner yarn. I'll sort it out eventually.

On an unrelated note. Here's a picture of Bird

something is different

Notice anything new? Different perhaps? She came home from her Grandparents with BANGS! Someone cut bangs. I'm so mad. First of all that was her first haircut. I missed it and don't even have a lock of hair to show for it. Second of all that's just crossing a line. It's one thing to put hair up in a funky style with barettes and ribbons. But to do something permanent like cut hair, that's my decision as Mommy to make. Pork Chop has never had bangs. I don't have bangs. What on earth made them think I wanted Bird to have bangs. (For the record I don't have anything against bangs in general. I just hate the upkeep of bangs on a small child who doesn't sit still very well. Scissors near the eyes on a regular basis scares me.) Third of all Doesn't she look cute? I will conceed that point, but still they should have asked, or said something to me when I came to pick her up instead of sending her home for me to discover the next day when I couldn't get all of her hair back in the pigtails. The Greatest just shook his head and said he can't explain what his family does or why they do it. Then he watched me take a picture of Bird and again shaking his head he said "you're going to blog this aren't you?" You bet I am. I might not be brave enought to call them and demand to know why they did it, but I will out them on the internet.


kittensmittens said...

One time I was over at my grandma's house (in Texas) and her and my aunt decided to relax my hair (from nappy fro to straight). I was about 4. The problem with a relaxer is, it is permanent so you need to keep doing it. I lived in Belgium, didn't know of any hairdressers that did that kind of stuff over there back then.
I rememer how p***ed off my mom was. I can relate to your experience. (Don't worry you'll look back and laugh, it is kinda funny.)

Fate said...

She is adorable. I totally understand the being pissed off about the hair, that was done to me with BOTH of my daughters and yes I flipped out about it too. It really never becomes funny either, no matter how cute my girls looked, it still pissed me off - and then even more while they were growing out.

I had a friend who took her boyfriend's daughter and got her hair cut then didn't understand why the little girl's mom was livid. I had to explain to her that mothers are possesive and protective of their little girl's locks.

*sigh* Luckily she does look cute and it will grow out.