Monday, July 11, 2005

A girl obsessed

So there I was. Just a normal Saturday. I was making a huge pot of gumbo with the world's best recipe. I'm almost done, I throw the tomatoes in the pot and as I go to throw the cans away I manage to slice my pinky on the can lid. Not just any old cut, a big bleeding one, an "oh my goodness I'm gonna need stitches one". I wrap my hand in a washcloth and tell my husband I need to go to the E.R. He doesn't believe me. He wants to see the cut. So I stand up and hold my hand behind my back so he can see it and I can't. As soon as he took the pressure off my finger I got light headed and dizzy. He agreed it needed stitches. I felt like throwing up so I sat down on the steps. Then I fainted. It was surreal. I feel into a dream, a dizzy disoriented dream filled with despair. It was powerful and overwhelming. I can't remember any of the specifics, I just remember how I felt. When I came too I didn't even know where I was, I thought we were living in the old house. I don't remember but The Greatest claims I punched him when I came too. I just remember being relieved that I was out of the dream. Then I fainted again. I fell back into the dream but it wasn't as bad this time. I don't know because I was unconscious but I guess I had a small siezure when I fainted the second time. When I came too I knew where I was and what had happened. The Greatest was pale as can be and yelling at me to lay still on my back. I must have really worried him. We then went to the E.R. where three hours later they gave me five stitches and a tetnus shot.

no gore today

That's as close to a picture of my stitches as you're going to get. I didn't look at my cut. I didn't watch as they stitched me. I didn't look at my stitches when they were done, and I didn't look as they bandaged me up. With any luck I'll be able to avoid looking at my finger until the stitches come out and all I have left is a scar.

And look at this piece of stupidity

did you have to use duct tape

They put a cotton ball over where they gave me the shot, then use a piece of clear duct tape to hold it in place. Talk about adding insult to injury.

So Sunday my finger hurts. I keep jamming it on stuff. Bird keeps grabbing it. You would think that in my incapacitated state I would take some time off from knitting. But no I sat around all day knitting. It kept my finger up and out of trouble. I really need professional help. But I'm almost done with Clapotis, I'm on the decrease rows. I just couldn't stop. I always thought I could quit any time I wanted. But I couldn't stop. Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?


rincaro said...

I hate tetanus shots more than cut pinkies. But someday I'll tell you about the cast iron skillet o' death!

I wanna see that clapotis missy! And soon!

jacki said...

Well, as long as the knitting wasn't interfering with the pinky healing process, I don't see what's wrong with that. :)
I can't believe someone was stupid enough to say something to you about your kids. They must not have taken the time to read any of your serious entries about them. They also must not have a sense of humor.