Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mariposa is done

Don't have much time to blog today. The kids are in rare form so they need me. I just wanted to post pictures of my FINALLY finished Mariposa

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


rincaro said...

It's gorgeous. Have a great time with the man!

shizzknits said...

Very pretty colors! They'll go great with your tan. :)

jacki said...

She's gorgeous! Well worth all the agony, right?

Jennifa said...

It looks good! I just got a chance to read my bloglines, and you're on there, so this is one of my multi-comments. I'm sorry your VS shopping experience was less than a catwalk, but it cracked me up. I'm one of those lucky unfortunates who has one boob bigger than the other, so VS doesn't make me look good either. It just further points out my lopsided state.
I love your Clapotis, the variegated yarn you used really made it look awesome! And yes, you're FAR less creepy than Tom Cruise.
Lastly, Mariposa came out good!