Friday, July 08, 2005

Just for the record

This won't make any sense to most of you.

I just wanna say that my kids are not neglected. Yes I tease that they are. I joke that I knit while they play with matches. But everything I say here is tounge in cheek. I am a good mother. My kids are not always the cleanest, but they have a lot of fun getting diry, too much fun for me to interrupt. They don't have set naps anymore, but sometimes they are too busy having fun to be bothered with things like sleep. They are happy and healthy and good kids. Really good kids. My daughter is so smart it scares me, she's sweet and kind and funny. My son is two and can count to twenty, he can open doors, he's stubborn and infuriating and mine. My baby is the cutest thing on two legs with her slobbery kisses and chunky thight. And the next time someone intimates that I am doing anything less than a stellar job raising my children I swear to God I'm gonna Bitch Slap them. Consider yourself warned.

I feel better now. I swear I'll drop it now.


kittensmittens said...

I also just joined the corset knit-along. Not that I have started knitting yet. Anyway, on your blog I saw that you are making clapotis. Are you using the never ending boucle? I made a sweater out of that stuff and still have a lot left over.
Let me know how the clapotis works out, it looks really nice so far.

rincaro said...

Oh girl, I know soooo how you feel. We're vegetarian and if I hear one more thing about how well nourished my jolly green giant shaped children are, I'm gonna beat some one.

kittensmittens said...

Thanks for the comments on the blanket. It took me a long time, but that is because I started a lot of other things and ignored the blanket quiet a bit.
I'll get you the pattern for the washcloths. It's laying around here somewhere.