Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You spend a small fortune on toys

And this is what they play with

babies in a basket

I've been very productive. I've got my straps blocking

all pinned up

And I've done a ton of work on the surprise knitting. I wish I could show pictures. It is turning out so well. It is an unusual thing to knit. I'm making it for a friend. My Mother doesn't like it and thinks a person would not want to be gifted with this knitted item. She may be right. I might just keep this really cute knitted thing for myself and make something else for my friend. We'll see when it's done. As for now I've gone as far as I can on it until payday. I need one more thing for it.

So I find myself currently with nothing on the needles except Evil. And since we're living in temporary housing and most of my stuff is in storage (and let's face it, my stash wasn't too good to begin with) I find myself with no yarn to knit a new project, and no money for new yarn until sometime next month. One would think I would be a good wife and start working on Evil again for my husband. But I'm not a good wife. I think I'll make socks with my left over yarn to match Mariposa.

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kittensmittens said...

Your kids remind me of my old roommate's cat in the sense that we bought cat toys and he would prefer to play with the crumpled up receipts.
Socks to match a tanktop, very nice. I like the Mariposa and whoever gets it, should feel very lucky.