Monday, June 20, 2005

Congratulations all around!

Such a busy weekend.

My sister gave birth to her second child. Allow me to introduce Squeaky to the world.

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We couldn't be happier. They made us wait an hour and a half at the hospital before they let us see the baby. When they finally let us back in there we had quite a party.

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At Six pounds Four ounces she isn't the smallest baby born in our family, but she is a tiny peanut (Bird holds the record at nine pounds six ounces, ouch). Her big sister couldn't be prouder (and check out the hair on that baby)

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Then if that wasn't enough excitment my little Brother graduated from college on Saturday. See how happy he is holding his diploma surrounded by people he doesn't know.

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And here's happy Brother surrounded by people he does know.

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Again we couldn't be prouder of him, even if he cap did give him bad hair

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Oh when bad hair happens to good people. Congratulations You worked so hard to earn this. Hooray for You!

I did get some knitting done during all this, but it's a surprize for someone, so the story of that will have to come later.

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jacki said...

Well, congratulations everybody!
I love your knitting progress meters.