Friday, June 24, 2005

Random things from my brain

I know, I know, I know. I promised to make some actual finished objects at knitting group Wednesday, but then I realized that I am unable to finish something unless I have at least three objects in the near finish stage. And as you can see from my progress charts on the left I only have two in the nearly done stage. So you'll just have to wait until the surprise knitting is nearly done. Then I'll just whip them all out in one evening and amaze everyone with my prolific knitting.

But just in case you need a knitting fix, here's a never before seen on my blog picture of the natural disaster that is Mariposa

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Sure the knitting looks nice and the seed stitch band turned out well, and the colors are just, well they're fabulous beyond belief, but none of that matters since the shirt doesn't wrap the way it should. I'm going to try again when I stop hating the sweater and remember how great I'm going to look wearing the finished object (maybe I can get it knit in the next week and finish it with the bumble bee sweater, Pork Chop's dress, and the surprise knitting).

In the meantime I had a very unusual day yesterday. I didn't knit at all. I know that sounds strange, but I knit everyday. I once had someone (another stay at home mom) ask me how much I knit a day, and after thinking for a moment I realized it's usually a few hours. I knit for an hour or so when the kids go to bed at night, and if they nap during the day I might pick up my needles, or when I take a phone call I usually knit. I always knit when I watch TV. These random moments add up. She just looked at me and said "There's never a minute when I'm not doing something, I'm just to busy to do things like that." Can we just say snarky? But that's neither here nor there. The point is I didn't knit yesterday at all. I did my housework in the morning (That's the time of day that the children are most likely to entertain themselves so I can do housework. Then we have to whole day to undo it so that by the time The Greatest comes home it looks like I haven't done anything all day), then the kids were fighting, then the fighting wore them out so they all took a nap (prime time for knitting but I balanced the checkbook instead). Then I HAD to take them to the pool so they could work off all their nap energy swimming (it was that or just build them a deathmatch ring and let them have at each other once and for all). We came home, had dinner, put the kids to bed, and then I went on a date. Woo Hoo! We just ran around the corner and shot pool at a bowling alley. But we had the best time. I used to play pool at keg parties in college. The Greatest used to play pool when he was single and in the military. But for some unknown reason we've never played pool together. That also means that neither of us have played pool in almost eight years. We were both pretty bad, not that I was ever any good to begin with. How good can you get when you always play drunk? We spent fifteen minutes chasing the 13 ball around at the end of one game. But we had a great time. It was so nice to go out without the children (don't worry we didn't just put them in bed and leave, we made sure they fell asleep first). It felt like dating again. Even after seven and a half years of marriage you need that once in a while. It was worth losing a night of knitting for that. The Greatest had such a good time he wants to go see a movie tonight after we put the kids to bed. I'm not sure I can go two days without knitting. Do you think I need professional help?

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