Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Recent lack of knitting content

All my posts lately have been about my adorable children, and as much as I love my children I understand that they can be a bit boring to people who don't know them and a bit annoying to the people who do. The thing is I started this blog to showcase my wonderful knitting to the world. And for the most part I thought my knitting was extrodinarily wonderful. I taught myself from a book and while it was merely a distraction at first it has grown to an obsession (I really think I might need professional help). My baby hats were cute, my baby sweaters all turned out. I rarely had to frog things. I even had success fiddling with patterns to make them more my style or to make them fit better (I was especially proud of my Gothic Lace Sweater and My Fuzzy Valentine). But that was all beginners luck. Lately I've had a streak of extrodinarily bad knitting. Too bad to even talk about. I'm so ashamed. I got overconfident, cocky even, that I knew how to knit. Hey I even started a blog to showcase my extrodinarily wonderful knitting. I rarely knit patterns as written, and when I felt uninspired by any pattern I decided I could design my own. And the Gods of Knitting were displeased with my growning arrogance. So they sent me beautiful yarn to make a shapely tank that was completely see through and unfit for actual public wearing. They sent me the Belle Paquita with its imposible yet stunning lace design and an unusual bust fitting, I tried and frogged, and tried and frogged, then I hid the yarn from the Greatest so he would forget about that project. They sent me Belle Epoque which is beautiful, I labor for two months making endless rounds of pattern knitting but only to discover upon finishing that it was too maternity looking for a woman who is finally neither pregnant nor breastfeeding. They reassigned my knitting Muse, so when I tried to design my own pattern the neckline failed, and I realized it too was going to look like maternity clothing. And finally to add insult to injury they sent me Mariposa, a beautiful tank top that isn't intended to fit a small busted woman (again the problem is my boobs, I think I need a bust enhancement to improve my knitting). But being unobservant and not realizing the pattern of knitting failure I decided I could alter the lovely Mariposa and make it fit my unendowed chest. That was a waste of a week of my life. You can find the entire story of Mariposa here I'm too grieved to tell it again. I have repented and returned to my knitting roots. I am knitting from patterns again, and not altering them. I am humbled and prostrate before the Gods of Knitting. I hope they are pleased and will send some alpaca to heal my wounded soul.


jenny said...

I totally understand the knitting-bad-luck streak...I have 3 sweaters and a pair of socks all sitting on stitch holders, probably never to see the light of day until I need those stitch holders again for something else that isn't knitting up the way I wanted it to!
So now I'm knitting socks, of course :) Maybe that's an idea to end your knitting funk?

rincaro said...

Had an idea about your mariposa.... Maybe you could knit two strips in seed stitch in the border color and stitch them where the panels connect? That might give you the wrap allowance you need.