Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've made a terrible mistake

I know I promised more knitting content, but with the unshowable surprise knitting I just can't right now. But when I was fiddling with my sidebar (don't you just love the knitting progress bars) I realized how close two of my projects are to completion. Maybe I'll whip those suckers out today at knitting group and have actual Finished Objects to show tomorrow.

In the meantime I've made a terrible discovery. A hideous life altering one. It started out as an ordinary evening. I took the kids to the city pool yesterday. We had a wonderful time. Being me I remembered hats, snacks, water, small floaty toys, little swimmers, towels, a sheet to sit on. Almost everything a person could need, everything except sunscreen that is. Rather than pack everything back up and lose our sitting spot and our parking spot I just borrowed some from the nice lady on the sheet next to us. Now I don't mind borrowing for my children. I got all three in a nice thick coat of sunscreen and turned them loose on the lifeguards. But I didn't think it would be nice to sunscreen myself. Her bottle wasn't that full to begin with and I think sunscreening me would have been the end of it. No big deal I've only burned twice in my life. Well make that three times. When I came home did anyone admire how great I looked in my new finally lost the baby weight-did more Pilates that I can stand-do you know how much ice cream I DIDN'T EAT to wear this bikini. No. I was greeted with
"What happened to your back" obviously it got sunburned
"Didn't you wear sunscreen" obviously not
And my favorite "That's gonna hurt tomorrow" no kidding.

So all this helpfulness had me in a pretty annoyed mood. Knowing this The Greatest decided to try to diffuse the situation by running out to get dinner. He changed out of his work clothes and got ready to go. My Father decided to go along with him, so my Dad changed out of his work clothes and got ready to go. This is what they looked like

Image hosted by

And just in case you missed it, this is what their shirts say

Image hosted by

Nice isn't it. So as I was looking at the pair of them I realized my mistake. I married my father. Somehow I managed to marry a man just like my father. I swear he didn't start out that way. He was a perfectly nice ordinary guy when I met him. But the older he gets the more he becomes like my father. I thought he was supposed to turn into HIS father as he got older. But in some cruel twist of fate he turned into MY father. I've gotta get out of this marriage before I turn into my Mother-in-Law.

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jacki said...

Thanks so much for your comment - I think that's the best compliment I've ever gotten.

That picture freaked me out. I wonder if that's how Dan feels when me and his mom go yarn shopping or talk about knitting.
BTW, your husband looks a lot different clean-shaven.
I'm sorry about your knitting slump. I hope it isn't punishment for giving up ton the Greatest's sweater.