Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm really motivated to get things done now. I finished the final knitting on the Sueete Suede handbag last night. I went to the store and got the fabric I need for the liner (red with tiny white polka dots). I've started seaming and weaving in end for Mariposa. But as motivated as I am I didn't get much done yesterday because my sister came over with this

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She's such a pretty baby. It almost makes me want another one but then I see this

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And this

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And I know I don't have the kind of time on my hands it would take to protect a baby from them. I just can't keep another baby alive and knit at the same time. *

I have realized that when I'm all done I really will have nothing but Evil to work on. I can't let that happen. I'm thinking of doing Clapotis, even though I have no idea how to pronounce it. I never paid much attention to this pattern but it's going around all the blogs. I've been told its very fun to knit with it's intentional dropped stitches, and hey, I'm up for some fun. I'm also considering the One Skein Wonder. Again not something I would pick myself but everyone who has made one just loves it and I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. I'm also going to design a scarf soon. My Father approached me last night and was asking me questions about my knitting, and how I different things, different knitting techniques. He wants me to design him a scarf, and I'm actually really excited about working on this project with him. I think it's because my Father is a computer programmer. He is wicked smart with technology. I'm cursed and I break every techie type thing I touch (did I mention I somehow did a hard reset on my palm and lost everything, and I didn't have a back up on a computer because no one wants to let me touch their computers and install software on them because I'm cursed). But knitting is something I know, something I'm pretty good at, or at least I have a good time at. And if I can make a scarf per his specifications and it's wonderful he'll have tangible proof that I've got talents, just not techie ones. I know he loves me and he's proud of me in that ethereal way all parents love their children. This would be tangible, and making a scarf for him would be tangible love I have for him that he could hold. But since this tangible love looks to include intarsia or duplicate knit its going to be a PITA.

*I write things like that for comedy relief. When my sister goes back to work I'm going to start baby-sitting little Squeaky and I can't wait. We're gonna have fun.


Impossible Princess said...

OMG too cute! I want one!

jacki said...

Nothing is cuter than a baby...except maybe a baby in the hands of a small child. Your kids are so sweet!
Good luck with the scarf! I promise to gape in amazement when it's done. But whatever you do, don't use double-knitting!