Thursday, June 30, 2005

How we kick it on my block

Things are really coming together. I did so much yesterday at knitting group despite the fact that my sister once again brought the baby over to distract me. What makes newborns smell so good, much better than Meat with his stinky feet, although Bird smells like Lucky Charms (she just finished breakfast). I finished seaming Mariposa. I finished seaming Sueete Suede. And I threw a block party see

how we roll on my block

this is my block party

That's Pork Chop's dress, Squeaky's bumble bee sweater and my Mariposa all blocking. Coming soon to a blog near you: ACTUAL FINISHED OBJECTS.

And because I'm incapable of sitting in front of the TV without knitting, last night while watching "Saw" I got this done on my clapotis.

eight inches baby

That's eight inches baby. I'm knitting it with some cheap acrylic vegregated blue yarn I had in my stash. I can confirm that knitting it IS fun, and I haven't even gotten to the dropped stitch part. One you get in the rhythm of the pattern it is very mindless and soothing but with it's twisted stitches its more interesting that plain garter stitch or stockingnette. I may do a stole instead of a scarf. We'll see how the knitting goes.

No cute children stories. They're driving me crazy. Why are toddlers just designed to be so ornery?

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