Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another day another diamond

Diamond Count = 20

It's coming along. I knit panels 1, 3, and 5 first. Now I'm knitting panel 2. The diamond patterns are staggered on the different panels. Since I have two diamonds done on panel 2 I thought now would be a good time for a photo op.

Image hosted by

See how pretty it's going to be? Although I must admit my desire to knit something new is growing. It's not that I'm bored with diamonds, I just want to create somthing other than a diamond for a while. Maybe I'll finally block the hated cable sweater for Bird (hated by her not me), or finish sewing together the surprise knitting (although I hate sewing), or finish knitting the pink purse for Pork Chop that I haven't blogged about because I thought I could get it done in one day (and I could have if I hadn't abandoned it for the endless diamond ring of hell then forgotten about it). Or maybe I'll quietly take thirty dollars from the savings account and buy some yarn. The Greatest will never know (unless he decides today of all days to read my blog). Would that be wrong?


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