Thursday, August 18, 2005


Diamond Count = 22

I had a busy knitting day yesterday. My children on the other hand watched Dumbo three times in a row. What can I say? It's Meaty's favorite movie. What could be better than a movie with a TRAIN and a "BEE-BEE EL-PHANT"! I love toddler-ese. That moment of development where they realize words are power and they can use them to get things they want. They work so hard to form their words, and you can just see them thinking, the little wheels turning in their heads to grab the right magic word from their brain to trick you into submitting to their will. Meat has already learned that if he asks his Grammie for a popsicle with a most polite please she'll usually give him one. They work so hard to communitcate with you and they are so sincere in what they say, and you're lucky if you can understand half of it. Where am I going with this? No where. I like to post often, but today I've got nothing. So I'm just writing my random thoughts. I did nothing interesting yesterday that is blog worthy, so this is just filler until I get a better idea. I'm really too tired today to be witty or relevant or even attempt to be funny. Today is just boring filler. I apologize.

No wait, I did have something to say. I hate spammers. I know everyone hates spammers but I really really really hate them. I love comments. I love knowing people actually read what I write. I love going to the websites of people who leave comments and reading what they write. I love checking my e-mail and seeing comments. The only thing better than comments is going to someone's site and seeing my site in the sidebar. I feel very cool and important then. So imagine my disappointment yesterday when I get two comments within a minute of each other and they are both spam. I hate spam. What a buzz kill. If you are not spam please take a moment to comment, even if it's to berate me for boring filler.


tArA nIcHoLe said...

ugh... I couldn't imagine knitting the same thing for so long... I'm just so impatient. Go you! I left a comment on your blog the other day and then managed to delete it... I don't even know what I was doing!

tArA nIcHoLe said...

Oh ... and I was going to say that you should just go buy the yarn... who cares about savings!? he he he... yarn is WAY more important!

Jaclyn said...

Stupid spammers. It really trips me out to think that they might be real people with real lives. I feel sorry for their relatives.

The afghan looks great. You'll be done with it in no time!

shizzknits said...

Spammers are the devil, I agree with you on that one!

BTW I love toddler-ese too. The "pleeeze" gets me every time my 3 yr old uses it. :)

Anonymous said...

never posted before, been reading for awhile. enjoy the blog. rock on with the afghan, it's looking great.

and yes, spam sucks!