Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My new daydream

Diamond Count = 12

Woo-Hoo, I didn't knit a darn thing yesterday. I'm ahead of schedule anyway. I can take a day off. Actually I've been tired latey. So tired I don't even possess the energy to play with sticks and string. Bird is either teething or has the start of an ear infection, either way she's not sleeping, ergo neither am I. I spent the entire morning yesterday trying to find time to workout because exercise is supposed to give you energy. I think that's a big fat lie, but hey, I'll try almost anything once. Then I spent all afternoon trying to get a shower because after you finally exercise you stink, then you have to use all this new-found energy trying to smell like someone who has not exercised, thus expending all your energy leaving you at square one exactly where you were before you exercised. What's the point? Oh yeah, here's my point: after I showered I was drying off and I came to a horrible realization. My tan lines were fading. My skin was no longer golden but a slightly off yellow. How could this happen? What had I been doing with my time? Why wasn't I spending more of it laying poolside before the pool closes in two weeks? So into our swimsuit we got, and poolside we went. I love the pool. Because we went so late in the day we stayed a lot later than we usually do and I discovered an amazing thing. If you stay past five you get the pool to yourself. Most of the families pack it up around four maybe four-thirty. They've gotta get home and start dinner. The pool is only open until seven so there's no point in coming back after dinner. So if you stay past five the pool is yours. It was so relaxing. It was quiet, there were fewer kids so it was easier to see your own child and make sure they were safe and where they were supposed to be. I think I want to live at the pool complex. Surely they need someone to stay on after the pool closes and make sure it is safe, like onsite security. And if that person should happen to turn on the waterslides or the kiddie pool mushroom or the lazy river from time to time would that be so bad? The Greatest and I sit around daydreaming about moving out and having our own place again. If that place were the Municipal Pool Complex would that be so bad?

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rincaro said...

The butterfly lace is something I'm trying to design. I've done some practice swatches, but it's not quite ready yet.